Company Profile

Ideal Packers was founded by Mr. Taranjit Singh Warraich in the year 1990. Ideal Packers was established with a goal to provide ‘Quality Products & Service’ in the field of PVC Thermoforming. Mr. Taranjit Singh has always been a highly committed & Innovative entrepreneur and has laid the stone of the firm’s glory and success. 

Our Vision
"Innovation is the key to the future". The firm has kept pace with modernization in all departments and has always emphasised on Product Quality & Client Satisfaction, as its core values. In consistency with its goal, Ideal Packers soon automated its machinery and specialised in the integration of customised Thermoformed Packaging Materials.

The company has progressed leaps and bounce over the past two decades. Consequently, today the firm has stringent Quality Policies covering everything from the selection of raw material to mass production of final goods. Not falling behind in serving its customers, the company has in house designers making it a One Stop Firm for all the needs of its clients. As a result, Ideal Packers is one of the leading manufacturers of H.I.P.S, P.E.T & Non-Toxic P.V.C(rigid & soft) Blister packaging.

Today, Ideal Packers provides a vast variety of products ranging from blisters, clamshells(with &without pvc welding), towers to trays and boxes. Our packaging materials are most suited for Food Products, Pharmaceutical Goods, Cosmetics, Consumables, Electronics, Hardware, Sports Products, Hand Tools, Surgical Items and Toys.

Owner’s Message
In today’s world, a consumer is faced with the dilemma of selecting a product from a vast variety of brands. The only products that stand out are the ones that are better packaged and as such help the consumer to make a purchase decision. Ideal Packers, helps you to make your product stand out from your competitors’ product.    
At Ideal Packers, we strive to recognize and understand the customer's evolving packaging needs and deliver exactly what works best for you. The firm’s impressive growth is soleley credited to confidence in its own capability and its impressive infrastructure.We are committed to Customer Satisfaction. We have the expertise and the experience to help you cut costs significantly without impacting product quality or delivery schedules.

Our Mission is to Understand, Implement & Deliver as per your expectations.