Food Packaging

Vacuum formed and thermoformed custom designed Non-Toxic P.V.C(Soft & rigid),H.I.P.S and P.E.T trays with food grade material.
Ideal Packers can efficiently and cost-effectively produce a wide variety of convenient packages and packaging trays for the food industry. We are manufacturers of vacuum formed food packaging trays and other food packaging materials, with a certified food grade raw material. We are a hygienic company where emphasis is laid on the quality of the product. We undertake stringent action to ensure that all the food trays of our company are highest in quality and hygiene. We strive to understand the needs and want of our clients and endeavour to come out with innovative display trays that not only meet but also exceed our clients' requirements. Our R&D team is involved in product development and product innovation.

Through constant innovation and ongoing investments in state-of-the-art design and production capabilities, Ideal packers has developed a long track record of delivering clean, reliable, high-quality products to our customers.